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LED lighting solutions are slowly becoming popular in homes and workplaces today. Even though the costs associated with these kinds of solutions are higher than the traditional lighting solutions, the benefits you get to enjoy outweigh all the upfront...

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Ten Things to Know About Electrical Safety and Children

In this day and age, we are incredibly reliant upon electricity and most of our homes are significantly powered by this form of energy. Despite our dependence on electricity, it remains a dangerous commodity and any electrician will tell you that there are...

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Common Electrical Faults In Your Home

Electricity is a wondrous thing. Unfortunately, it can also turn against us. So, let’s find out just what can go wrong with our household electrics and what we can do about it. Common electrical faults to avoid Light switches don’t work Light switches...

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The Basics of working with Electricians

Electrical work is the only type of work that you cannot DIY your way through. Breaking down dry wall, painting and even fixing your toilet are some fun projects you and your family can engage in without hiring a professional. Electrical work is messy, but...

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